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About Us

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We, at a la Wiskets, have been in the gift giving business for over 20 years. Darlene, the owner and creator, started as a cottage industry with her 4 daughters.  In a very short time she was amazed how many customers loved her product collections and designs. So in 1989, she opened a store and the success continued. She moved the location to Upper Arlington, Ohio and expanded the business to 5,000 square feet with floral designers, decorative accessories and lots and lots of beautiful and unique gifts and treasures. Her expertise from the fashion industry was very obviously recognized and a la Wiskets became one of the most popular stores in Columbus, Ohio.

In time, the daughters married and started having children and to date Darlene now has 13 wonderful grandchildren. Her dedication to be with them, since 3 of them live out of state forced her to give up the storefront location and operate the business only online. At this time we only offer gift baskets, but we are looking forward to soon expanding our gift selections.